We are leaders in the field of computer-based postage solutions and assist you with professional services and the use of innovative technology.

The post solution of the Swiss IT Management AG (Patent Pending) brings the future of integral solutions of the post with one opens up additional markets.

This for both: business customers as well as for private clients. Increasingly declining mail volumes through the online exchanges can be counteracted with this sustainable solution.

The electronic management of business processes this mail solution is also a green solution, since it helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

The solution is simple and revolutionary, as it allows the mail client on the basis of a single continuous surface following postal services easy to do:

·        EASY-STAMP: add personal stamps to every document while printing or for printing on labels for letters and parcels, integrated track and trace possibility (Patent Pending)


·        EASY-REGMAIL: Guaranteed delivery of encrypted e-mail with tracking and archiving (Patent Pending)


·        EASY-HYLETTER: Letters postage directly at the post office by doing print, pack and ship (Patent Pending)


·        EASY-POSTCARD: Create postcards with individual expression and delivery directly through the post office


·        EASY-PRINTLOGISTIC: batch processing of various printed matter at the post (Patent Pending)

In addition there also by the operation of the solution for the post huge benefits:

·        Centralized management of customers and tariff data

·        Digital invoice or payment via postcard, credit card, PayPal, etc.

·        Proactive marketing by detailed list of all postal items of the customer

·        Single communication channel with customers

Thus, they are integral to our mail solution in a position to counter the declining mail volumes and deliver sustainable new and expanded postal services.



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